Fave Artists to Follow

While y’all are patiently awaiting updates (or moving on with your lives without giving it a single thought) about the #SOD studio, I decided to compile a small list of artist that inspire me in the Instagram world. Some of these women* I have met in person, been along side in shows, taken classes from, or just admire from afar and am totally jealous of their lives.

*I follow many man-artists too. Their styles are just very different from my own and this particular list focuses on artists I resonate with in style and inspiration.

In no particular order:

1. Riley Sheehey: Watercolor GENIUS, pattern GENIUS, adorable love story, fluffy dog. I love Riley’s work so much! It is just very dainty, colorful and one of a kind. On her instagram highlights @cestriley she offers free phone backgrounds which I use errrday. We’re talking one with Rosé and Chinese take out. One with cute girls walking cute dogs. One with Corona’s limes and drink umbrellas. One with Cabernet and goldfish. It’s like she combines all your fave guilty pleasures into one weird and adorable world.

Obviously the frenchie doing yoga is my all time favorite. —ok, go check her out.

2. Jennifer Vallez: Jennifer is the reason that I began watercolor portraits. I was always enamored by her talent and the cute way she featured details so accurately. I stumbled upon her instagram in 2014, and since then the portraits I painted were done with her in mind. I still swoon over her posts, her girl-power mind, and her fame! To top it off, her daughters are little miss-independent artists too (and way better dressed than me)!

3. Jayne Morgan: First of all anybody that had the opportunity and skills to attend SCAD for college—jealouuusssss. Jayne’s “thing” is painting honeybears. She told when I attended one of her classes (thanks, Martin) that her teacher told them to choose something she wouldn’t get tired of painting, and I think she chose wisely. She resides in Birmingham, AL and I’ve looked up to her for some time now. I remember going to her studio where she taught after school art classes and thinking, “I’ve got to do this.” In addition to honeybears, she also paints beautiful florals, assorted condiments and bottles that belong in your house, and adorable air streams! Here is Jayne’s instagram @jaynemorganart give her a follow!

Pictured is the painting I did while attending her class.

4. Beck Jones: I discovered Beck Jones through one of my best friends who ordered one of her paintings. I saw it in person and made it my mission to figure out how she got those beautiful swirling colors onto the canvas and then managed to top it off with flawless resin with zero bubbles, no bug wings stuck in it, no sticky places. After a thorough Instagram stalking way back when, I realized more and more that I could totally be an artist for a living. Later we because cyber friends, we were vendors in the same Spring show and actually got to meet in person. I always feel slightly creepy when I meet my Instagram artist friends, because I’m like omg can’t wait to see that pretty painting you made on October 4, 2015 at 2:29pm……Ok it’s not that creepy. You won’t regret pressing that follow button on this Fairhope, Alabama based artist, @beckjonesart 

Here are a few more to check out as well!

@messheartstudio  Watercolor

@harriet_lowther  Illustrations of Dogs

@littlehouseart  My college-friend’s mom! Her attention to details is AMAZING, y’all.

@thegingerbites  art. on. cookies. I repeat, ART. ON. COOKIES!

Enjoy these talented ladies!! The end.

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