Creative Kids Studio

Hey guys!! After speaking with a handful of moms and dads, I have come up with a *tentative* schedule for the after-school classes I will now be offering! Here is the flyer below…. keep reading for a little more info. |SIGN UP AT BOTTOM|


There will be orientation for both groups on September 13th at 4pm. On this day (or before if you’re really feeling on the ball) your child’s supply fee of $20 will be due. You can ask any questions that you may have as well as get to know myself and fellow young artists! Feel free to pay for your whole semester, month of September, or as many classes as you can up front—this helps me with extra supplies your child might need for each class, for me to provide snacks and drinks, and to keep the lights on so we can keep having a good time while learning!

I feel very passionately about teaching your child art techniques, not just how to craft a quick macaroni picture frame to occupy them for an hour. This class will be so great for any child already interested in creativity or any child/parent looking to broaden his or her horizons.

At the end of the semester, there will be an ART SHOW! Judges, ribbons, refreshments and all. This was my favorite part of my art classes when I was younger because I got to see which areas I was strong in and what I needed to keep working on. All of my art class experiences as a child and young adult shaped me to be able to be an artist as a CAREER which I never thought was an option.

I look forward to meeting all of your little people. There are only 15 spots for each class each semester, so please sign up NOW if you’d like to join SOD in September!

Here is the aforementioned *tentative* schedule…SOD_ClassFlyer-02SOD_ClassFlyer-04SOD_ClassFlyerNov-03

Sign up here!

The first 15 children’s in each class will get a spot. Once they’re both full, I will email the parents of each of the first 15 students in each class to let you know. If anyone backs out, the next person in line will get the spot!


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